Divorce Settlement
Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have sorted out who get what in the 60 million dollar divorce settlement. They were officially divorced last October.

The rumors say Jennifer Aniston will get the $29 million Beverly Hills mansion.

Pitt will get their film company Plan B Productions. Jennifer will retain a “minor stake” in the production firm. The film company is estimated to be worth 50 million dollar after 12 successful films among “Charlie And The Chocolate Factoryâ€?.

Pitt and Angelina
Pitt and Angelina are expecting a child. Angelina also has adopted two children Sahara(1) og Maddox(4) .

There are some rumors of something happening with Vince Vaugh, but officially she is single.

Kelly Osbourne losing hair
It is difficult to be a celebrity star - Kelly Osbourne, 21, is losing hair. She is paying the price for constantly changing hair style and hair color.

Kelly is rumored to have needed hair extensions to attend the premiere of the Heath Ledger film “Casanova” due to premature balding resulting from years of dyeing.

“It was horrible, because I’ve fiddled with my hair over the years, it started falling out in clumps. I had to get extensions for the premiere,” she said.

Nothing that surgery can’t fix
Extensions should be no sweat for Osbourne, whose wish list last year included several surgical enhancements “I’m going to get lifted, sucked, tucked and Botoxed until my forehead doesn’t move,” she’s reported as saying.

Pamela Anderson has said yes to star in the coming Baywatch movie
According to the director Eli Rith, she says she has made a deal with Pamela to play in the movie.

It is David Hasselhoff that is behind the movie project that will build off the popular 90’s series. Hasselhoff hopes that more of the original cast will join the new movie.

Anyway it would not be a proper Baywatch movie without Pamela.

Taxi driver claims Paris Hilton peed in his Taxi
A taxi driver, Harden Jamison in Hawaii claims that Paris Hilton peed in his Taxi. He wants to use DNA from the towel he used to wipe up the pee with to prove the mishap.

The press people around Paris do everything they can to keep the story under the lid.

It happened a night when Paris and her former boyfriend Stavros Niarchos were driving a way from a party in Maui. They were really drunk. What makes the taxi driver especially upset is that she was so drunk that she did not realize herself that she peed in his taxi. He threw them out of the taxi and contacted the police.

Paris Hilton has a secret code to signal when she want to get rid of annoying people
Paris and her friends gets approached by a lot of people that are annoying both men and women. They have a secret code to signal when they want to get rid of these people.

One of the codes is “Tiffany cries”, when she says that code her friends have to come to the rescue and get rid of the people bothering her.

Paris says when she is at a party she often ends up talking to people she really don’t want any contact with. It is often older men, or women that have had a lot of plastic surgery done. Paris says that these are people she tries to avoid.

A fat ass some days
Kate Beckinsale thinks she has a fat ass. She do not think this every day, only some days.

The days when she thinks she has such a fat ass that she do not fit in her jeans - she refuses to go outside. She says that she has some days where she thinks she looks good, but sometimes she admits to have a low self esteem.

She also says that, “many in the movie industry think that their “fat ass days” will go away when they become famous actors, but they don’t”.

Inspired to switch religion in the Middle East
Jacko has spent three weeks in Bahrain with prince Abdullah al-Khalifa. During this visit he has been inspired to switch religion.

It is time to admit to God that I have done a lot of wrong in my life and it is time to make up for that, says Jacko.

Moving to Bahrain?
According to the prince, Jacko will likely move permanently to Bahrain. It probably will be cheaper to live there when he goes bankrupt in the US.

Christina Aguilera Rushed to the hospital
Christina Aguilera was rushed to the hospital after she ripped out her nipple piercing.

It happened when she was brushing her hair. Her hair brush got intertwined with the ring and she managed to rip the ring out. It was like a scene from a horror movie. She started to bleed and was rushed to the hospital by her husband Jordan Bratman.

Fergie pees herself
Fergie from Black Eyed Peas peed on herself during a concert.

She had a couple of drinks before they went on stage and when the band started jumping around the bladder could not hold it anymore. She tried to cover it up by spilling some champagne over the area, and she thinks the fans did not notice what really happened.

Going solo
If all goes after plan Fergie plans to go solo, and the rumors says she is already recording her new album.

Nicolas Cage is a new father. His wife, Alice Kim Cage gave birth to a boy, which they named Kal-el Coppola Cage.

It was the third marriage for Cage and the first for his new wife, who was 20 when they were wed. Cage is a nephew of filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola.

Yes, Kal-El, the Kryptonian name of Superman.

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