August 2005

Maria Sharapova has gotten together with the singer in Maroon 5, Adam Levine.

The couple first met during Maria’s 18th birthday, it was a big party on the Hiro club in New York. They immediately hit a spark, and has been together non stop since. Romantic dinners and walking around holding hands.

Yes, believe it, Courtney Love is expecting a child with the British comedian Steve Coogan.

According to News of the World Courtney says,
Yes I am pregnant with Steve, but I would rather not talk about our relationship.

Steve, known for his role as Alan Partridge, knocked up Courtney during their two week relationship. She has not decided if she wants to keep the child.

Courtney is now on a 28 day long rehab program to try to get rid of her dope addiction. She was sentenced to do this program when she got caught doing drugs during her probation.

Courtney has one daughter, Frances Bean (11) from her previous marriage with Kurt Cobain.

Gwen Stefani does not like to have a lot of spear time and she feels worthless when she do not work.

She has been successful both as a solo artist and in the band No Doubt.

According to,
I always get sad when I take time off. I need the feeling I get when I have accomplished something. If I don’t do thinks I start hating myself.

Teri Hatcher has made a huge success in Desperate Housewives, but it is very stressing for her.

All the work around the shooting of the series takes so much time that Hatcher doesn’t have time for love or sex. According to the Swedish news paper Aftonbladet she has considered hiring a male prostitute.

I have never done it, but the thought has struck me, it would really be a way to get a little control over the sex life, says Hatcher.

Beautiful Jessica Alba likes older men, and would not say no to Sean Connery.

“Morgan Freeman, Sean Connery, Robert Redford and Michael Caine. I like older men. It is just something about them, they have been in the business so long”, Alba says according the In Style.

Jessica says that older men are sexy because they are more polite, they will carry her luggage, open doors and pull out her chair.

Jennifer Aniston is very upset after someone stole her panties, and now selling them on eBay. It happened while filming The break up in Chicago.

Someone has broken into her trailer and taken several of her panties and bras. A couple of days later she discovered that the underwear was being sold on eBay. As a result of this incident she has increased the level of security around her.

Life is hard for Angelina Jolie recent.

Two adoptions, one sick child and film recordings have made Angelina both thin and exhausted reports Sky News.

Jolie was previously known for her forms, but now looks bony. Her face has become narrower and her clothes just hang on her. The 5.6 feet actress now weights under 110 pounds.

Her friends are worried about her health, and the American media is speculating in her having eating disorders.

Sean Combs, formerly Puff Daddy, then Puffy, then P. Diddy, is now going on national television in order to inform everyone that he is taking the radical move and dropping the “P.” from his nickname. He should now be called just “Diddy.” Thanks Sean for wasting our precious TV time.

Jennifer Garner is pissed off because the press revealed her pregnancy before she was able to tell her friends first in person. She thinks it is uncomfortable that people reads a lot about her and her personal life.

This is Jennifer Garner first child with husband Ben Affleck. The child is expected during the winter. Jennifer and Ben were married 29. June, and it was a private and low-profile wedding.

Eva Longoria was hurt during filming of new episodes of Desperate House Wives. The accident happened while filming a prison scene in LA. An iron rod fell down from one of the rigs and hit Eva Longoria in the head.

She was sent to the hospital, but was back on set and filming the day after.

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