September 2005

David Beckham get around 9 million dollars for his endorsements deal with Adidas. But David Beckham still goes out and buys Nike shoes for his sons.

This is his third year being sponsored by Adidas. Even if he is sponsored by Adidas it does not put any limitations on what he can buy for others.

According to Borja Cendra working at one of Nike’s stores in Las Rozas, David Beckham bought 3 pairs of shoes in children sizes.

Jessica Alba admits that her breasts have been made larger on the movie poster for her new movie “Into the Blue”.

They adjusted my breasts a little, they always do. And on the movie poster for “Fantastic Four” they made a lot of changes, says Jessica Alba.

She does not think it is so bad, since it is just a movie poster.

Paris Hilton supposedly has offered some teenagers alcohol and marijuana during the making of “The Simple Life”.

The teenagers were nervous before a take, then Paris Hilton allegedly had offered them Whiskey and marijuana. One of the teenagers said that she did not smoke, but Paris said that it was a kind that would make her calm.

The police think that this is serious allegations and Paris Hilton is to be questioned in the next couple of days.

Britney recently became a mother to a boy she and Kevin Federline named Sean Preston Spears Federline.

Rumors says that this has been a though time for Britney. And that it is a big chance that she will not get pregnant again according to Daily Star.

Britney supposedly started crying when she looked at herself in the mirror because her pregnancy had ruined her figure. Britney was also in bad health during the pregnancy period.

Taryn Manning known from movies like “A Lot Like Love”, “Hustle & Flow” was on board the a JetBlue airplane destined for Las Vegas.

Taryn Manning says, “watching TV at her seat as a JetBlue airliner circled the region for three hours before making an emergency landing was the most ‘out-of-body experience I ever had’”.

Taryn was among 140 other passengers as the plane, which had a crippled nose wheel, touched down safely Wednesday at Los Angeles International Airport. No one was injured.

The surreal thing was that the airplane was equipped with satellite TV, and the passengers could watch the coverage of their own landing.

Nikki Sanderson
Nikki SandersonNikki Sanderson

Nikki SandersonNikki Sanderson

Nikki Sanderson and Samia Ghadie serving beer.
Nikki SandersonNikki SandersonNikki Sanderson

Nikki Reed:
Nikki ReedNikki ReedNikki Reed

Nikki Reed and Michelle Trachtenberg
Nikki ReedNikki Reed

Nikki Cox with her beautiful eyes on these:
Nikki CoxNikki CoxNikki CoxNikki CoxNikki Cox

Nikki at some events casing some glam.
Nikki CoxNikki CoxNikki CoxNikki CoxNikki Cox

Kate Moss was fired from H&M. Now it’s speculated if Jessica Simpson can be her replacement.

According to the Swedish magazine Resumé Jessica could be the replacement. Jessica has shown an interest in fashion and has newly released her own line of jeans. H&M refuses to comment on these speculations.

The new H&M collection is going to be in the stores in the start of November, and before that H&M’s new face has be on advertising posters and newspapers.

According to Sky News Kate Moss is also in trouble with Chanel, they also want to boycott and discontinue working with Moss.

Felicity Huffman from the series Desperate Housewives was one of the Emmy-winners, but she was not welcome to the after party.

Together with her husband William H. Macy she went to the after party, but was denied getting in. According to WENN, the place was filled to the limit and some of the people in charge of fire safety had said stop.

She was the only one of the Desperate Housewives that got an award. Felicity had said, “I got a statue”, but they wouldn’t let her in.

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