November 2005

Katie Holmes thrown out of the movie theatre
Pregnant girlfriend to Tom Cruise got her self thrown out of a movie theatre.

The couple was recently visiting a cinema near their home in California. They did not buy any sweets, but instead they took a massage device with them in the theatre.

During the movie Katie used the device to massage her pregnant stomach. This bothered the other people watching the movie so much that they got her thrown out. The people did not care that she was a celebrity they just wanted to watch the movie without any noise.

Christine Lakin most people will recognize her from “Step by Step”, but she was just a kid on that show.

Christine LakinChristine LakinChristine LakinChristine LakinChristine Lakin

Christina Aguilera and music executive Jordan Bratman got married last Saturday.

They got married in Staglin Family Vineyard, that is north in California, Napa Valley. There were 130 guests among family and some celebritites.

Aguilera’s hair was decorated in jewels and pulled back tightly in a bun topped by white flowers. Aguilera got married in a dress from Christian Lacroix.

Romantic Proposal
Bratman proposed while they were on vacation in February at Carmel, California. The hotel room was filled with roses, balloons and gift boxes. When Aguilera got to the last box it had a ring in it, and Bratman got down on his knees and asked, “If she would do him the honor of becoming his wife”.

Kate Moss got special treatment on a restaurant
A lot of people got pissed off when Kate Moss got special treatment out side the restaurant “Nobu” in New York. There were a lot of paparazzi following Kate, and she skipped the line outside this restaurant.

Food Fight
Lara Flynn Boyle was also at this restaurant, and she obviously was not too happy with the special treatment. At one point Tempura was thrown from Boyle’s table towards were Moss was. When the staff came Boyle claimed that it happened because of the cheerful atmosphere at the table.

Both Moss and Boyle have previously been involved with Jack Nicholson.

Tight financially
When Madonna started out it was a rough time financially. She would have very limited money to spend and would eat nothing more than yoghurt, potato chips and peanuts.

Believed that she would succeed.
Madonna says that it was her faith in that she would eventually succeed that made her survive the times that were tough financially. It was also high ambitions that made her succeed. In her mind the rough times were some sort of test.

“I never thought the dream would not come through. I refused to accept anything else than success”.

Courteney Cox and her daughter on a shopping spree in Hollywood.
Courteney CoxCourteney CoxCourteney CoxCourteney Cox

Bai Ling at some Hollywood Poker event.
bai lingbai LingBai Ling


Celine Dion has a fear of germs
Celine admits that she shows her self rarely in public because she is afraid to get sick.

Celine is currently doing a show in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace and she does everything she can to minimize the risk of catching any deceases. Both air condition and shaking people’s hands makes it a higher risk of catching something. She therefore takes her precautions and shows herself in public as little as possible; instead she keeps to her self on her hotel room.

Pink has a crush on Kelly
After Pink and Kelly met at Wed Rock she admitted that she finds her really attractive. Wed Rock was a concert gig in New York to promote awareness of gay marriages.

After the gig Pink said, “I think Kelly’s straight but she’s really sexy. I could just eat her up”.

Britney has not had plastic surgery after birth
Britney shall be well on her way to lose all the extra weight she gained during the pregnancy. But the rumors claims that she has had plastic surgery. The speculators discuss whether she has had liposuction of her tummy.

According to Britney Spears’ spokes woman Leslie Sloane Zelnick, “Britney is not depressed, and she has not had liposuction of her stomach area. She is a 23 year old mother that was in fantastic shape before she got pregnant and has now regained the fabulous shape after the baby was born”.

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