January 2006

Some pictures of Janet Jackson or somebody that looks like her. Guess what, she has gotten bigger to say the least. It is probably from all the stress with Michael Jackson’s trial and all.

Is this really her?

Janet JacksonJanet JacksonJanet JacksonJanet JacksonJanet JacksonJanet JacksonJanet Jackson

Some shots of Victoria Beckham in L.A.

Victoria BeckhamVictoria BeckhamVictoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham

Taxi driver claims Paris Hilton peed in his Taxi
A taxi driver, Harden Jamison in Hawaii claims that Paris Hilton peed in his Taxi. He wants to use DNA from the towel he used to wipe up the pee with to prove the mishap.

The press people around Paris do everything they can to keep the story under the lid.

It happened a night when Paris and her former boyfriend Stavros Niarchos were driving a way from a party in Maui. They were really drunk. What makes the taxi driver especially upset is that she was so drunk that she did not realize herself that she peed in his taxi. He threw them out of the taxi and contacted the police.

Paris Hilton has a secret code to signal when she want to get rid of annoying people
Paris and her friends gets approached by a lot of people that are annoying both men and women. They have a secret code to signal when they want to get rid of these people.

One of the codes is “Tiffany cries”, when she says that code her friends have to come to the rescue and get rid of the people bothering her.

Paris says when she is at a party she often ends up talking to people she really don’t want any contact with. It is often older men, or women that have had a lot of plastic surgery done. Paris says that these are people she tries to avoid.

A fat ass some days
Kate Beckinsale thinks she has a fat ass. She do not think this every day, only some days.

The days when she thinks she has such a fat ass that she do not fit in her jeans - she refuses to go outside. She says that she has some days where she thinks she looks good, but sometimes she admits to have a low self esteem.

She also says that, “many in the movie industry think that their “fat ass days” will go away when they become famous actors, but they don’t”.